CreativE business Consulting

Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business idea?

What is Creative consulting?

Design and creativity has become the critical ingredient to ensure competitive advantage in a increasingly demanding marketplace. Without creativity and innovation, all companies will follow the same patterns and sell the same goods or services. The importance you place on creativity in your business is what will set it apart from others.

Starting a new business, or re-branding a current one, can be a costly affair. Investing in a few hours of creative consulting can save you a fortune in the long run. Not only will I be honest with about the validity of your business ideas, but also provide  a pair of fresh eyes and ears and a guiding hand to help you find your way or to discover a new way to solve your problem. 

Start-Up Consultation & Mentoring

Starting a new business can be scary and costly. It would be good to know you are on the right track, right? However, there are very few people who will be honest with you about your new business idea (especially if they are related to you!). 

As part of our Startup Design Package, we now offer a Consulting service where Margie Kemp, our Founder and Head Designer, can advise you in the fields of concept, design and strategy.  Margie has a talent for inspiring and informing startups about local trends and pointing them in the right direction. 


Project Consulting

Project specific consulting to address a particular problem. We help organisations define problems, recognise opportunities, and develop new products and services by finding out-of-the-box solutions to produce innovation. 


We provide a fresh pair of eyes to solve problems that have become stale to the project team which may involve working with specific project teams and providing workshops to develop the creativity in the participating employees.


Creativity Training

Thinking in a creative, innovative way does not come naturally to everyone. It is a process that involves training your brain to think in a different way. Prior to establishing TA, Margie spent 5 years teaching Design and Creative thinking to adult students in Surrey.  She helps individuals and  teams develop the thinking skills necessary to be effective and relevant in the current economy.

TA offers a number of workshops for employees involving design challenges, problem solving etc. to help stimulate and activate the parts of the brain that is involved in problem solving.




creativity consulting for start- ups

Comprises of 4 Sessions of 60 minutes during which TA will work with you to evaluate and refine your business ideas. At the final session TA will present you with a report of the findings and conclusions reached during these sessions, as well as recommendations on how you should proceed on your venture.

Rate: £45.00 per hour ( first session is free of charge)


creativity consulting for projects

This includes consulting on product development or specific projects after which you will be presented with final report and presentation containing all research and recommendations for your project.

Rate: £45.00 per hour ( first session is free of charge)


creativity training

Creative thinking does not come naturally to everyone. Creativity training is presented to groups of 3 or more where you will be introduced to the process of creative thinking, problems solving and conceptualisation by completing a number of exercises and workshops. Prices start at from £75.00 per person, depending on the size of the group & the workshop offered.

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