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Does your website reflect your brand?

They say first impressions last. This not only applies to people, but also to businesses and brands. The assumptions we make about a brand or business is often directly related to what we see when first we land on their website. Web design plays an extremely important role in the business’ relationship with the site visitors and directly impacts how your brand is perceived. Depending on the impression you make, the design can either get visitors to stay and learn more about your business or leave. A good design helps you grab their attention and keep them on your page.

We recently completed a new website for Chef Ian. He wanted to target the wedding market, however his current website was focused on school catering, cooking classes and ready-meals, and his whole brand reflected this. This clearly wasn’t right for his new target market and simply changing the existing images on the website was not going to be enough. The website needed to communicate ‘wedding’ rather than ‘school catering’. A rebrand was needed and a bespoke website design to reflect this.

There are an increasing number of web development companies which provide services that enable you to create a website by yourself. However, if you really want to make an impression on your site visitors and customise it in such a way that supports your business goals, it is best to get professional help. For example, when working with Chef Ian’s site, we did not only look at the branding and design, but also at the technical elements in the background:

Building a Responsive Site: Increasingly people access websites from a mobile or tablet, a responsive design ensures that your site reformats automatically and effectively to whatever device they are using.

SEO: Paying attention to SEO at the start of the design process gives you the best opportunity to drive traffic to your site – not just any traffic, but the most relevant people for your business, and ensures that you are search engine friendly!

User Experience Testing : User experience refers to how an individual navigates your site. Using UX expertise ensures that the user journey is both seamless and straightforward. It can identify and eliminate pressure points, a must to stop people becoming frustrated and clicking away from your site.

Legal Compliance : GDPR, Privacy & Cookie Policy, Data Protection, etc.

On-going technical support: Our job doesn’t end with the completed design, to ensure functionality and legal compliance regular maintenance and usability checks are vital.

As you can see, a website isn’t just a place where you can dump all information and content about your business and leave it. There is a lot of thought and expertise that goes on behind the scenes to make a website easy to use and be understood, while also being visually appealing. Only when all these elements work together will see results.

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